Oshi Shinobu Osu

Oshi Shinobu Osu

Osu is made up of two characters. The second character conveys the idea of shinobu, patience. The first character means to keep, or to maintain. Therefore, osu means to be patient in this context.

In its basic sense, osu is a greeting that we use for our fellows and for our seniors. It is also a sign of respect, both for people and for the for the dojo. Osu is used to convey the message of greeting and the sense of respect to others.

Each time we we the word osu we should be reminding ourselves to have patience, or shinobu.

The purpose of karate training is to train the body - to make is strong and powerful. This is not approached in isolation. The body is trained by training the mind. When the mind and body is strong this leads to a unification.

At Seido Karate Bundoora we strive to learn more about how to apply osu on the dojo floor and in our lives. Seido Karate Bundoora specialises in traditional martial arts and how to apply self defence techniques for ages including kids karate.

that produces a strong spirit which is the real goal of karate training.

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