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Kids Karate

“Technique rather than strength, Spirit rather than Technique”

At Seido Karate Bundoora, we offer classes for children of all ages. We believe that karate will have a positive effect on a child’s life and well-being. The Seido Junior program focuses on developing foundation karate skills together with etiquette, respect and discipline, personal safety, and fitness and strength building, all while having fun in a safe and secure environment.


Our junior students progress through the structured and proven World Seido Karate belt system. Starting as white belts, junior students learn karate basics, kata and self-defences relevant to their belt level.


As our junior students grade to higher belts, they become leaders within our Dojo and are given the opportunity to support senior instructors with class activities, including teaching syllabus and assisting with group activities. We believe that these leadership skills are invaluable and will help our junior students in other facets of their life.




0412 570 748


Parade College

Greening Auditorium 

1436 Plenty Road

Bundoora VIC 3083






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